` Saajan Saji Cyriac K9 School

Dog Training

We teach your dog to obey you in a single command. We will walk you through the “real life” scenario’s you are struggling with and teach you how to handle the situation so you can maintain the training long after we are gone. We can also solve your dogs problems through our sessions created for challenging dogs with almost any behavioural issue. Examples might be: possessiveness, barking, leash reactivity (lunging or pulling), mild-moderate “aggression”, or general disobedience.

Dog Trainers Training

Our professional trainers will work with you on perfecting your dog training technique, and you will learn dog training theory through actually working with dogs, as well as through our school.

Course contents:
Basic obedience, Competition methods up to C6 level, attack training, Self protection, Smell discrimination, Kennel management,

Our Facilities

Our Facilities : Dog training, Dog trainer's training, Sale of trained dogs, Sale of puppies, Boarding , Dog owner's training,

Other specialties: Separate cages for each dog, Swimming pool for dogs, Large play ground for practice and training, Separate playground for puppies, Balanced and healthy diet and neat kitchen, Well trained and talented trainers, Food and accommodation for training students, Imported equipments for dog training and trainer's training,


Saajan dog training center is a well established and reputed dog training center in Kerala. The trainer Mr.saajan is the owner of this healthy training center. Mr saajan is a famous photographer,farmer and animal lover. He is a certified dog trainer well trained by professional from the reputed institution. The saajan dog training center undertake all kinds of dogs for training. It personalize with teaching the specialized skills for all types of dogs. There are variety of established methods for dog training . The common characteristics of successful methods are knowing the dog's attributes and personality, accurate timing of reinforcement or punishment and consistent communication. In training center ac/non ac boarding rooms are available for dogs. Read More..